The Troutbeck School has openings in 2020 for aspiring Montessori trainees

The Troutbeck School has continuing demand from knowledgeable parents at home and overseas who need very high standards of academic education for their children, as well as excellent social skills and behaviours.

We therefore have openings in 2020 for aspiring Montessori trainees. Responding in the affirmative with an expression of interest would likely mean that:

  • You know you don’t know everything and that you can submit yourself to learning how to behave from other people.
  • You can and will self-analyse and frankly critique yourself, and your own performance, in front of others on an ongoing basis.
  • You can commit yourself to 2-3 years of on-the-job training whilst you work hard to attain international standards.
  • You are of graduate level – that is – able to teach all of the following: English, Physics, History, Chemistry, Geography, Zoology, Maths and more, up to Form 2 secondary school level.
  • You don’t think you are already the children’s educator you could be, or that you must have 3 months paid holiday a year, or that work stops at 15:00, or that weekends are for relaxing.
  • You understand the direction you are taking your life with this opportunity and can explain why.
Please Whatsapp on +263 71 981 1855 to learn about the next steps in the process.
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