Books to Read at The Troutbeck School

Reading is important!

Believe it or not being around other children who read everyday will have a positive influence on your child too.

Below is a selection of our authors and titles including: Roald Dahl, Emma Carroll, Lauren St John, Cressida Cowell, Mrs Blyton (as one of the children refers to Enid Blyton) and Dr Seuss!

These book are on open shelves available to browse and take out at any time. We keep the more structured learning-to-read books in the classroom.

Roald Dahl in The Troutbeck School Library




Emma Carroll



Lauren St John in The Troutbeck School Library



Cressida Cowell and others in The Troutbeck School Library


Enid Blyton




Dr Seuss



Time Hunters by Chris Blake



The ‘American Girl’ Series of Books


Amelia Bedelia


Classic Books for Younger Readers



For Early Readers


For Early Readers




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