Boarding with ensuite

Boarding at Troutbeck

You are giving us your child to care for at Troutbeck all day, every day of the term. As well as all the academic and practical life learning that takes place here, the boarding experience is vitally important. In our…

Molecules of carbon dioxide, water and salt

Primary Learning

Welcome to The Troutbeck School’s Learning page. The key points of our approach to your child’s learning and development are outlined here with links provided to additional information on the site. We are a primary school following the Montessori approach. (In case…

Seeing the microscopic world for the first time

Questions and Answers

Answers to some questions about The Troutbeck School. WHEN DID YOU SET UP THE SCHOOL? Our license was granted by the ministry of education in January 2015 CAN A RELATIVE VISIT MY CHILD AT SCHOOL? Yes relatives may visit your…


Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics

We have great tools for learning about the real world out there

Molecules of carbon dioxide, water and salt

Registration for Secondary at The Troutbeck School

The Troutbeck School will be opening for secondary education later in 2017. If you are in the UK with children aged up to 13 and seek a Zimbabwean school with a Cambridge education please get in touch now to secure one…

The Troutbeck School 2016

Link to the 2016 video on Facebook  – takes a moment to load the image depending on your connection!

We draw our own maps of the First World War

This is how we will integrate your child’s learning in History and Geography

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Grade 0 and Early Childhood Development

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