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Some weekend activities

During the weekend we play inside or out, we cook, watch a movie or documentary, go for a longer walk on the estate or surrounding countryside, visit the National Park or any of the following:

  • We go to Claremont golf course for lesson and lunch.
  • Fishing on the lake at Troutbeck
  • Go on a nature and wildlife walk at Rupurara
  • Go boating on the lake at Troutbeck
  • Visit Worlds View and walk up the hill for an even better view
  • Swim at Troutbeck Hotel
  • Go horse riding
  • Camp out on the Estate
  • Enjoy some quieter time doing arts and crafts
  • Take part in bible studies and learning

Children can join us in baking and learning to ice decorations on a birthday cake ready for their classmate in the week ahead.

Montessori encourages full participation by children in activities using equipment or tools that are real. Fake, pretend or kiddie toys are not used in the Montessori setting. We ourselves found this a little unsettling in the first instance. For example seeing your own child using a pair of scissors or a knife for the first time can feel like an act of faith. However the sense responsibility this builds in children cannot be matched with plastic items. You will be surprised and pleased to see what your child can do when they come home.

Giraffe at Inn on Rupurara

Giraffe at Inn on Rupurara

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