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Primary Learning

Welcome to The Troutbeck School’s Learning page.

The key points of our approach to your child’s learning and development are outlined here with links provided to additional information on the site.

We are a primary school following the Montessori approach. (In case you were not aware there are 23,000 Montessori schools worldwide.)

Drawing the human heart

Drawing the human heart

For you as the parent or guardian this means the following:

Your child will be taught in a class with a 8:1 children to teacher ratioWith a very low child ratio your child’s teacher can explain the progress your child is making in every subject and even show you their latest work. Thus, when collecting your child for an exeat or at the end of term feel free to make time with the teacher to hear how progress is going at school.

For your child there is no limit to their learning.


Leanring code to control the robot

On the academic side we will be following the Cambridge exam system. Our subjects include: Mathematics, English, Biology, History, Chemistry, Geography and Physics.

At Troutbeck we teach children the skills to help them excel in life as well. See more in our Practical Life section here.

For sports we take the approach of teaching activities that will be relevant for the whole life of the child.

We have constructed a brand new purpose built classroom building for the children to learn in.

How to get out of the bunker

How to get out of the bunker

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