Academic Curriculum

Our strong curriculum gives children a comprehensive, wide ranging and in-depth primary education.

Our primary academic subjects are fully supported by physical materials, equipment and books and include:


Grade 0 and Early Childhood Development


Botany, Zoology and Human Biology (Health Sciences)

Physics: Matter and Astronomy


English: Grammar and Literature


Geography: Physical and Cultural

Please note: there are no limits to academic learning here. When your child is ready for a higher level in any subject the coursework and materials are provided and introduced by their teacher. We too have heard the horror stories of parents told by school not to provide extra education to their child, and, of children acting up who are really just bored in class.

Research projects demonstrate the tremendous skills innate in children.

At Troutbeck neither age nor grade are limits to learning progression. Naturally their teacher will ensure that all other subjects are maintained and progress according to their age and ability.

We also offer your child a comprehensive Practical Life education including the Christian values of Grace and Courtesy – a comprehensive training in social graces, manners and courtesy.

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