Learning about gear ratios with the mechanical road sweeper

Incorporating ‘simple machines’ such as gears to make a mechanical road sweeper. Then we learnt how to vary the rotation of the brushes using different gear ratios.


The mechanical road sweeper


Starting the initial assembly



Using a double bevel gear wheel


Working together well



How the wheels will drive the sweeping action – note bevel gear on right  of chassis


The chassis take shape



That bevel gear in the chassis ends up driving the gears on top to rotate the sweeper



And we are off! Sweeping pieces out of the way


Now time to experiment with the drive gear ratios – with counting of teeth – and by counting the number of rotations achieved with each combination we determine the gearing ratios.


Road sweeper base case gearing



Low ratio gearing and slow rotation


Gearing to achieving high ratio turning


And of course:


There always has to be time for tinkering around


Before someone always says… its time to write it up!



Time to write it up!


Writing up our findings about gears


And, finally…

The speed robot gives us a tow (backwards)!


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