Learning Biology

1. At school we find ourselves surrounded by topics from the Biology course. Learning in class is strengthened with real life experiences from:

      • Our plants: monocotyledons, dicotyledons, carnivorous plants (below), mosses, lichens, fruit trees, flowering plants.
      • Our mammals: horses, sheep, pigs, goats, dogs.
      • Our birds: ducks, chickens.

Our own species of Sundew, Drosera dielsiana

2. There are many very good videos available now (compared to when we were at school). Here are links to some of our regular sources: Free Science Lessons by Mr Shaun Donnelly, UK; Fuse School – global; Bozeman Science – US. We like the explanations that do not rush the viewer.

3. We consolidate learning using visual text books – just look below.

4. We complete exam level questions and review how our answers match up to the expectations of the final exams. Did you understand the question? How can you show the examiner what you know? What would an ‘A’ answer look like and why?


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