Learning Geography

Attending a school situated in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe has some advantages when it comes to studying Geography:

a) Mountains – we are on one, at 2200m altitude, in the Eastern Zimbabwe montane forest-grassland ecoregion.

b) Rivers and springs – we have them around us – with erosion, meanders and waterfalls to go and see.

c) Weather –  sometimes we are literally ‘in’ the weather and surrounded by cloud – or even above the clouds. We have rainy weather from Mozambique meeting warmer weather from Zimbabwe right in front of us.

d) Biomes – we are Alpine with a touch of frost in the winter mornings. 25 km away it us much hotter and drier with different plants and animals. Below us is the Nyanga National Park.

Early morning view above the clouds


Map section

Preparing a map section

Map section length

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