Speed vs power up an inclined plane

The inclined plane is back – this time helping us investigate the difference between speed and power.


Our test vehicle the start of the ramp (small wheels)



Test vehicle in progress up the ramp (with course corrections)



Base case with 1:1 gearing between drive and load


Launch alignment and ready for countdown




Our ‘catcher’ intercepts it at the top of the climb and the clock is stopped (large wheels)



Creating more power by using a smaller cog on the drive shaft



Now he can pull the dictionary on a skid


Pulling nicely up the slope


Until we add too much weight to the skid and the front end pops up


Now its getting interesting – three wheels off the ground!



We decide to mod the towing point and lower it down to reduce the moment around the rear axle


It works and the test vehicle can pull the overloaded skid up the plane



Geared down we find that the test vehicle has less speed but much more power!


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