Term dates

Dear Parent, here are our term dates for 2022.

Lessons and activities continue all term. We are in the classroom until 4:30pm weekdays and seniors may have classes on Saturdays too.

Exeat weekends are optional and flexible at your discretion. There is no formal half term.



Closes: Saturday 3rd December 2022



Opens: Thursday 12th January 2023

Closes: Saturday 1st April 2023


Opens: Saturday 13th May 2023

Closes: Thursday 3rd August 2023


Opens: Saturday 9th September 2023

Closes: Saturday 9th December 2023

Thank you for entrusting The Troutbeck School with your child. We do feel privileged to be chosen by you to educate and develop the young members of your family.

Dr Grace Mugadza & Dr Edwin Davies

The continents and oceans

Our starting place – the continents and oceans

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