Veterinary Science Day – Rasping Horse Teeth

This term we had our veterinary science practical day as seen below. Today was all about horses teeth which, we discovered, continue growing for the life of the horse. Our vet was on site to demonstrate and perform the mechanised rasping of Squirrel, Mocha and Joey as we looked on!


Inspecting the mechanical rasp



The vet shows that while it can rasp hard teeth it if safe to touch


First Squirrel visits the dentist!


Look at these!



Now open wide Squirrel!


Next it was Mocha’s turn


Need to find the teeth with abnormal wear


and help guide the rasp to the right teeth!


Joey is getting long in the tooth now



Can I have a go!


Next we listen to a horses resting heartbeat


A horse’s heart rate is about half of ours at 30- 40 beats per minute


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