Wondrous views of mountainous Zimbabwe

Our hike in the Menzi valley

Here we are above the clouds and walking on air around the Menzi valley in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe.

An amazing day-walk from school to stretch ourselves.

There is so much potential in the land, the water and the mountains. Some streams are still running and being piped for irrigating on higher slopes.

Just look at what we saw. The picturess are split into:

  1. The walk-in: the higher altitude 2200 m to 2000 m section from the school to the top of the Menzi valley.
    It’s not at all flat but we are used to it.
  2. Descending into the Menzi valley from 2000 m to 1730m.
  3. Trekking through a small part of the valley 1730 m to 1560 m, climbing back up 1560 m to 2100 m.
  4. Finally, the walk back out to school at 2200 m.

In total we: hiked 17.7 km, ascended 900 m counting all the ups and downs, took 6 hrs including re-fuelling stops.

The walk-in:

Descending into the Menzi valley

Trekking on through a small part of the valley and beginning the ascent back up:

Mufenje, tree fern and aloe.

And the walk out, back to familiar territory:

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