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Measuring voltage in series and parallel circuits for iGCSE physics

Become strong in science.

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New school facilities

  Our first Montessori classroom!  

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We are referenced by ‘How We Montessori’ in Australia

Colour graduation tablets

The Troutbeck School appears in this review in Australia – showing two of our ECD students collaborating on the colour tablets:  

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Horse riding at The Troutbeck school

We make school great!

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Golf at The Troutbeck School

Learning to play golf

Sport for life!

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Learning about the nutrition in our foods

Learning about nutrition in our food groups

We teach children how to learn – not to memorise!

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See subjects come alive

Learning more about plants

Our academic curriculum for primary is extensive and practical

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Our academic curriculum for primary is extensive and practical

Studying flowers and pollination in Botany

See subjects come alive! 

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Our ECD students know the continents of the World!

Continents at The Troutbeck School

Come and see our interactive class in action

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Studying vulcanology

Studying vulcanology at The Troutbeck school

Studying vulcanology – as well as tectonic plates – in a physical geography presentation at The Troutbeck school

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