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Molecules of carbon dioxide, water and salt
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A western style school and level of education within a Zimbabwean setting and culture. While English is the language of teaching, Shona will be taught and used to give your child proficiency.

Full Montessori classroom and equipment. Much of our equipment came with us from the USA and is augmented by materials purchased in the UK. Our first Montessori classroom has been designed and built specifically for its stated purpose. Open-plan rooms are lined with child height shelving to form workstations.

Making plans for the future of space exploration

Making plans for the future of space exploration

A 1:12 teacher to child ratio in the class room. The teacher knows and understands your child personally including their strengths, weaknesses, character traits, likes and dislikes. The teacher will form a learning plan according to your child’s needs to ensure strengths are enjoyed in the classroom and that other areas are not allowed to fall behind.

All of our teachers are university graduates who become Montessori teachers. Thus we are able to draw on our teachers for their specialized subject knowledge and experience in addition to their teaching skills.

Preparedness for life approach. At Troutbeck we not only teach the academic subjects. We also provide tuition in sports a child can play for their whole life (long after school years are behind them). We teach each child “grace and courtesy”, conflict resolution, and life skills they will need during school and for the rest of their life <link to section>

A “governess” and staff, responsible for the care of your child out of academic teaching hours.

Flexible exeat weekend. You may visit your child at any time during the term and you are not obliged to remove your child from school during term. For instance, if you are on a business trip in the east of the country it makes good sense to combine that with a trip to Troutbeck to visit you child and see their progress at school. You can stay in a local hotel and visit your child at school during the weekend or take your child out for the day. Alternatively take your child with you for the weekend in the area. The choice is yours and the flexibility should reduce the travel stress on parents and children alike.

Registering for the Cambridge Primary syllabus and exam.

Learning about the elements

Learning about the elements

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