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Producing hydrogen gas by electrolysis!

We produced hydrogen gas by electrolysing a solution of Sodium Chloride NaCl.   And at the ‘pencil electrode’ the hydrogen being produced: Hydrogen gas bubbling up from he pencil electrode.

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We draw our own maps of the First World War

This is how we will integrate your child’s learning in History and Geography

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Programming a robot with motion sensor

Learning to code!

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Grade 0 and Early Childhood Development


Learn more at The Troutbeck School

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More science!

Comparing the botany reference book to real life

Links to science lessons and hands on practicals: Flowering plant reproduction: Learning about flowering plant reproduction in the botany curriculum. Finding out about the human heart How does the human heart work?  Pumping blood through the lungs and round our bodies.  …

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The start of our glucose molecule

Our recent science practicals on chemistry: How important is the glucose molecule? Today the young scientists looked into the structure of the glucose molecule and the number of bonds joining the atoms … but were we studying chemistry, botany or health…

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Maths at Troutbeck

lego trinomial cube c layer

See some of our latest presentations and practicals with these quick links:   How to build a trinomial cube out of lego: Find out how we recreated (a + b + c)³ out of lego!     Trinomial Square of (a +…

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The recently discovered Mutare River Crab

Mutare River Crab (Potamonautes mutareensis)

Troutbeck pupil with a good example of the recently discovered Mutare River Crab (Potamonautes mutareensis)

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Interacting with the farm animals at Nyamoro dairy

Cow after milking in the dairy

We recently had a field trip to the nearby Nyamoro Dairy to see the animals, watch the cows being milked, and have a homemade ice-cream!

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Pictures from school

School overlooks Troutbeck Lake

Some of our latest pictures

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