Secondary Learning

In January 2019 we started teaching our first secondary students coming from Zimbabwe and the UK.

Our classes are small and are designed around the needs of our pupils. We average 6 students per teacher in all classes. As a Montessori based school we provide a smooth transition into secondary for our advanced primary learners.

We use resources from Oxford and Cambridge as well as interesting videos and books to teach our learners in the most meaningful ways possible – look at Biology or Geography. We have a participative culture in class. We talk about what we are learning and how it works in the real world.


Our pupils learn how to aim for ‘mastery’ not ‘memory’ in each of their subjects. Our learners must understand what each topic means and how it fits with other topics and even other subjects. We are not forcing children to memorise in order to pass their O Levels with a ‘C’ grade, instead we are forming a solid understanding for success in all their future exams and University degrees.

For new students joining us aged 12 to 14 we have Holiday Stay classes. These assist in the ‘catching-up’ process. There may be gaps in learning generally or in specific subjects and we can go ‘back to basics’ in an easy, helpful environment.


There is no ‘keeping your head down’ hoping the teacher will not see you! We only have 6 in a class. You will be expected to learn and participate.

There is no “I didn’t do my homework!” We have the time and resources to stay after school, in the evenings and all weekend with you while you do your homework and generally get onboard with learning!

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